What are SEFFC systems

Rosso Officine's range of SEFFC solutions consists of specially designed systems that enable the maintenance of a smoke-free layer to allow safe evacuation of the area affected by the fire, delay or prevent flashovers, protect building contents and reduce thermal effects on structures.

They also enable the intervention of firefighting teams in the event of smoke and heat disposal.

As is well known, smoke and heat evacuation systems (SEFCs) aim to create and maintain a smoke-free layer above the floor by the removal of smoke. Such systems also serve to simultaneously evacuate the hot gases released from a fire during its development stages. The use of these systems to create smoke-free zones below a suspended smoke layer is now widespread.

In addition, their value in facilitating the evacuation of people from buildings and buildings in general, in reducing the damage and financial losses caused by the fire itself, is widely demonstrated.

In particular, SEFFC systems for smoke evacuation are aimed at safeguarding people. They therefore consist of creating a smoke-free layer and maintaining it for a given period of time.

The standards to which projects must refer are UNI 9494-2 and UNI 9494-3. UNI 9494-2 establishes criteria for the design and installation of Forced Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems (SEFFC) in case of fire.