Certified Smoke Extraction System for Cold Rooms



This system is fully compliant with UNI 9494-2 and consists of a control panel for automatic or manual (with fire safety valve push-button panel) opening of the hatches located at the top of the cold room for hot smoke extraction (using the F400 extractor) and hatches located at the bottom of the cold room for air intake.



  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Input voltage: 24V max 4A / 48V max 2A
  • Opening angle for fire position from 0° to max 90°
  • Maximum door opening time: 60 seconds
  • Designed for a minimum of 1000 openings (fire safety system)
  • IP54 protection rating
  • Compliant with EN12101-2 standards
  • Overload protection included


Components of the FUMO VENT COLD ROOM System

  • Insulated F400/F600 extractors
  • Double-action thermal cut-off window for cold rooms
  • Arm for opening window in cold rooms
  • Control and command system

Double-Action Window/Door for Cold Rooms (Open-Close) with Thermal Cut-Off

Vertical closure equipped with a hinged door, featuring a 220V-resistant frame, 90mm thick leaf, aluminum edges, standard white sheet metal exterior and interior, without connecting sheet metal. PVC frame on all four sides without a closing handle.

The closure is equipped with a high-performance and reliable electric opening and closing system, meeting the specified standards (UNI EN 12101-2), with CE certification according to Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC, amended by Directive (CPD) 93/68/EEC, European Regulation (CPR) 305/2011/EU.

Control and Command System

The cold room window (door) is activated by the SF3000 control unit, fully redundant and certified EN 54-13, upon receiving the fire alarm signal in the cell from the IRAI system.

The 24Vdc opening actuator is powered by a specific EN 12101-10 power supply and activated by a special control module BXO2I4 for high current draw up to 8A – 24Vdc.

The opening/closing signals are remotely managed by the control unit.

The SF3000 control unit for window opening activates the hot smoke disposal extractor F400 mod. ESTR-CA.

The system can also be manually activated via a dedicated push-button panel for fire safety valves (VVF).

Reference Standards

  • EN 54-13 – Centrale e moduli di comando
  • Vds
  • EN 13241+A2:2016 – Finestre-Portelle per celle frigorifere
  • EN 12101-3 – Estrattori fumo F400
  • En 12101-2 - Braccetto apertura portella
  • EN 12101-7 – Condotte certificate per il controllo dei fumi