SEFFC System Calibration - FUMO CONTROL®

The FUMO CONTROL® system, certified and patented by Rosso Officine, enables the regulation of smoke flow and extraction rates in smoke extraction systems


FUMO CONTROL® consists of adjustable ventilation nozzles designed to maintain smoke extraction even at the furthest points of the system, balancing flow rates at the initial nozzles where there is typically greater suction.

These adjustable nozzles, placed on smoke extraction ducts, allow precise calibration of the extracted flows during system calibration, ensuring correct configuration of the SEFFC system in accordance with the project.

The nozzles comply with UNI EN 12101-7:2011 standards and bear the CE mark according to EU Regulation 305/2011, tested according to EN 1366-9:2008.

The Innovative FUMO CONTROL® System Grid


Smoke extraction ducts come equipped with B-CONTROL nozzles already correctly calibrated.




FUMOVENT System Management Center with Redundant Technology

For large-scale smoke extraction systems with numerous scenarios and components, the ideal management solution is undoubtedly the FUMOVENT® SF 3000 center, designed to handle numerous complex scenarios and provide redundant technology.

In case of control board failure, the system can continue functioning seamlessly with fully redundant electronics.

This ensures that SEFFC - FUMOVENT® systems have very high reliability compared to traditional systems on the market.



Not only is the microprocessor structure duplicated, but also all other structures, components, and parts of the system.

Control Panels for the FUMOVENT System

Suitable for installations requiring management of numerous scenarios, with a system layout panel and manual control for SEFFC system fire safety valves (VVF).

The system is equipped with supervision using a dedicated PC for regulating extraction flows and components in the field. Direct system management via smartphone is possible, and a teleassistance service ensures prompt intervention and continuous system monitoring.



E 600 120 (ho) S 500 mono

E 600 120 (ho) S 1500 mono

Resistente a 600 °C per 120 minuti e tenuta ai fumi freddi per una pressione di esercizio di 500- 1500 Pa.

Reference Standards

EN 12101-7:2011

EN 1366-9:2008