Smoke Extraction System with Air Treatment Configuration and Smoke Extraction (Dual Purpose)

The AIR VENT solution integrates an HVAC system with a SEFFC smoke extraction system into a single installation, according to the UNI 9494-2 appendix G standard

The UNI 9494-2 appendix G standard allows for the design and installation of a system with dual functionality, combining an HVAC air ventilation and treatment system with a specific fire protection system like smoke and heat extraction (SEFFC) systems.

This type of system offers undeniable advantages as it provides two benefits with one installation: conditioning and ventilating the environment while simultaneously protecting it from any smoke caused by a fire.

Additionally, the regulation prescribes that all parts of the air treatment system affected by hot fumes must comply with relevant product standards. All components of the AIR VENT system, covered by the FUMOCONTROL patent, are CE marked according to the UNI EN 12101-7:2011 standard under EU Regulation 305/2011.


Components of the AIR VENT System

  1.  Air Treatment Unit Mod CC
  2.  Smoke Extractor F400/F600
  3.  Smoke Control Dampers
  4.  Air Treatment/Smoke Extraction Ducts
  5.  Air Intake and Discharge Nozzles for SEFFC
  6.  Air Diffusers for Conditioning
  7.  Adjustable Smoke Extraction Nozzles
The AIR VENT units are connected to E600 certified ducts for each compartment, diffusers for room conditioning/ventilation, special nozzles (B-CONTROL) for smoke extraction, and everything necessary for the HVAC system.

The entire system is controlled by a unit that manages the HVAC system shutdown in case of fire alarm, activates any necessary control dampers throughout the system, and starts smoke extraction for disposal in designated areas.

FUMOVENT System Management Center with Redundant Technology

For large-scale smoke extraction systems with numerous scenarios and components, the ideal management solution is undoubtedly the FUMOVENT® SF 3000 center, designed to handle numerous complex scenarios and provide redundant technology.

In case of control board failure, the system can continue functioning seamlessly with fully redundant electronics.

This ensures that SEFFC - FUMOVENT® systems have very high reliability compared to traditional systems on the market.



Not only is the microprocessor structure duplicated, but also all other structures, components, and parts of the system.

Control Panels for the FUMOVENT System

Suitable for installations requiring management of numerous scenarios, with a system layout panel and manual control for SEFFC system fire safety valves (VVF).

The system is equipped with supervision using a dedicated PC for regulating extraction flows and components in the field. Direct system management via smartphone is possible, and a teleassistance service ensures prompt intervention and continuous system monitoring.


Reference Standards

EN 12101

UNI 9494-2 appendice G