Automatic smoke barriers

Smoke curtains and smoke barriers are systems that allow ceiling compartmentalization of smoke.
They are often used when compartments exceed 1600 square meters in floor area.
Automatic smoke curtains or barriers are used where there are space constraints and roof access issues.


Smoke curtains or smoke barriers are systems used for compartmentalizing smoke and hot gases during a fire. They are employed to separate adjacent areas and prevent smoke from invading safe zones (e.g., stairwells, floors above the fire floor, etc.).

Ceiling smoke compartmentalization, coordinated with SEFFC FUMOVENT® extraction systems, is essential to ensure proper extraction of smoke and hot gases in case of a fire.



EN 12101-1

Reference Standards

Smoke curtains are tested and validated according to UNI EN 12101-1 and marked accordingly. The smoke resistance is classified based on the test undergone by the curtain, which can be:

  • Constant temperature of 600°C throughout the test duration (characteristics D30÷DA).
  • Temperature increasing during the test duration according to EN 1634-1 (characteristics DH30÷DHA).